Enhance your courses with the new Gradebook by LearnDash premium add-on
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Hi ,

I’m delighted to announce our acquisition of the Real Big Plugins collection of add-ons, including Gradebook for LearnDash, LearnDash Slack, LearnDash MailChimp, and LearnDash ConvertKit. The development team behind these add-ons has also joined our family to continue their work expanding the capabilities of LearnDash.

This acquisition allows us to work more effectively while helping you enhance the courses you offer your learners.

We understand that change can be difficult. But rest assured; we are committed to making this a smooth transition for everyone.Β 

If you’re a current Real Big Plugins customer, you’ll receive a separate email in the coming weeks with additional information on accessing your downloads and tech support through LearnDash.Β 

LearnDash has big plans for the future, and our team is laying the roadmap for updates, user experience improvements, and other enhancements.

Those plans continue today with the release of Gradebook by LearnDash (formerly known as Gradebook for LearnDash). This add-on tracks progression and allows you to configure scoring however you like. In addition, simple, flexible tables allow for quick scanning, and report cards help improve communication of grades and outcomes to students enrolled in the course.

To learn more about Gradebook by LearnDash, check out the product page.

Gradebook is the latest in a long line of exciting product releases for the coming year. I can’t wait to show you what we are building for you.

Talk soon,

Zach Tirrell

Zach | LearnDash General Manager

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